The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality will today reward and give recognition to the employees who performed diligently as per the Service Delivery Budget and Implementation Plan (SDBIP) targets and went beyond duties at the Municipal Staff Excellence Awards held now at this very place.

These awards are in line with SDBIP performance targets and the Roll-Out Program of Performance Management System of the municipality which was adopted by the Council in November this year whereby the individual employees who performed 100% percent in their set targets and went beyond.

Further to that the long serving employees will also receive their certificates which serves as a recognition during these Excellency Awards. These certificates will be issued in phases that is 10, 15, 20 30 and then 40 years of service. The long service awards serves to honour the service and dedication the employees invested in his or her work for this institution, some of them has worked as far back as when the municipality was still under the Apartheid Government and then went through the Transitional Local Council (TLC) period up to the current democratic dispensation. Next year the municipality will look at introducing the Batho-Pele Award and explore other awards which will also encourage our employees to be more productive and serve our communities with dignity and fast pace. Also next year there will be a roll out of performance management to Task Grade 14 up to 16 which will target the managers. This performance management roll out system will serve as the criteria of awarding them based on their work performance.

The municipality would like to express the word of appreciation to all the employees for their dedication on servicing the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality communities through hard times and strong criticism received from different stakeholders. Furthermore, the municipality appreciated the work the RNM staff have done this year and previous years especially those who have gone an extra-mile by working overtime and after hours. The awards which are won by the municipality in 2018 alone is due to the work of the RNM employees.

Issued by
Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
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