Joyful moment prevailed at Ray Nkonyeni Municipality (RNM) first Council sitting of 2018 when the office of the Auditor- General announced the Clean Audit Report

The Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) Section 126 stipulates that the Accounting Officer of a municipality (a) must prepare the Annual Financial Statements of the municipality and within two months after the end of the financial year to which those statements relate, submit the statements to the Auditor-General for auditing.

The annual audit conducted by the Office of the Auditor-General was concluded on 30 November 2017 and the outcomes of the audit indicated that RNM obtained an unqualified (clean audit) audit opinion with no matters that can affect the audit outcome. It needs to be stated though that there were matters which can be referred to as Annexure B matters which were brought to the attention of the municipality and are recorded in Audit Report and are detailed in the Management report of the Auditor General.

In line with MFMA section 131 a Corrective Action Plan has been developed to address these matters raised by the Auditor General. The same section puts a responsibility upon the Mayor to ensure that the administration comply with the above section of the MFMA. The corrective action plan will be submitted to all oversight committees to ensure its completion, that is, Finance Portfolio Committee, MPAC and the Audit Committee.

As Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, we are very joyful for receiving a Clean Audit Report considering the fact that this is the first audit as a newly formed municipality after the merger of the previous two municipalities, Ezinqoleni and Hibiscus Coast. This displays the commitment the Council, the Management and all the employees of the municipality put in their work. Starting a new year with a bang like this is an indication that this municipality is smoothly run, despite challenges of employer-employee which will always be there in the workplace. The municipality is delighted to have such a milestone in its history.

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