Council has decided to partner with the Private Security Company in order to offer assistance in enforcing the law under the Municipal Nuisance and Behaviour in Public Places Bylaw of 2017 especially in issues pertaining to illegal dumping and litter in our towns and surrounding areas.

Taking this decision was due to the fact that that the Illegal dumping and litter acts happens at odd hours and hidden places which made it difficult at times to pull the resources effectively and properly. In some instances, the Human Resource hinder the functioning of the employees at the odd hours hence the municipality has decided to forge partnership with the private security companies.

The municipality has utilised the provision of the Nuisance and Behaviour Bylaws in order to give effect to their appointment as the Peace Officers who can be able to enforce the law under Section 9 which deals with litter and illegal dumping. According to this partnership, the Private Security Companies will be allocated to all seven zones of the municipality and they will be issued the Nuisance and Behaviour Bylaw Certificate and the Peace Officer Certificate. Further to that these companies will be trained on how to fill in 341 Notice related to issuing fines. The municipality would like to re-assure and indicate that the Private Security Companies prior their appointment as Peace Officers have undergone a process of screening for criminal record and those which failed the process were not appointed. END

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Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
+27 39 688 2056
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