The municipality calls upon general public to cooperate and comply with the new Nuisance and Behaviour in Public Places Bylaw 2017 as it has since been promulgated and came into effect on the first day of January 2018.

The Ray Nkonyeni Municipal Council, acting under the authority of Section 156(2) of the Constitution, 1996, read with Section 12(3) (b) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000), published this by-laws as adopted by the Council at its meeting held last year on 28 November 2017, under resolution C136/11/2017.

This by-law’s purpose is to provide for measures for preventing, minimising or managing public nuisance and also to prohibit certain activities or conduct in public places. The municipality was previously relying on by-laws of the Transitional Local Councils (TLC’s) which were termed as ‘’Ordinances’’ and which in some instances were applied differently depending on which town a community member resides. For example the by-laws of Hibberdene TLC were slightly different to those of Margate TLC. So therefore the promulgation of the new Nuisance and Behaviour in Public Places Bylaw 2017 will seek to address the discrepancies caused by the previous by-laws. At some instances the previous by-laws made things difficult for the Law Enforcement Officers to enforce and keep order.

This by-law prohibits wrongful acts to mention a few such as acting in a manner dangerous to life or damage of property, urinating or defecating in public, perform any sexual act, appear naked or expose genitals, spit, consume any liquor or be drunk and engage in illegal business or prostitution. Other social aspects highlighted in this by-law are that the residents are not allowed to start or burn fires unless it is for the purpose of making a braai in permitted areas.

People are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these by-law as ignorant cannot be accepted as an excuse for breach of it. The by-laws is available on Ray Nkonyeni Municipality website,

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Ray Nkonyeni Municipality
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