Ray Nkonyeni Municipality would like to thank all the applicants who showed interest and applied for its Mayoral Tertiary Registration Fee Programme for 2018 Intake. The municipality wishes to explain the process to be followed by all applicants going forward.

All applicants who applied on this programme are advised to visit or call Youth Development office and check status of their applications. Those who qualify are to physically submit their final offers (acceptance letters) from their universities of choice immediately.

Upon submission, a signed registration fee confirmation letter from the municipality will be given instantly to qualifying applicants upon submission of their letters of final offer. All qualifying applicants granted assistance upfront are to submit their final offers from their universities of choice not later than 15 February 2018. From 16 February 2018 those in the waiting list (i.e. qualifying but not granted assistance upfront due limitation of resources) will start being processed.

PLEASE NOTE: Final offers (acceptance letter) should be hand delivered to the Youth Development Unit physically by applicant or his representative. No faxed or emailed letters will be considered.

NB: Applicants from certain wards due to financial limitations will be granted assistance on first come first serve basis.

For further details please contact RNM Youth Development Unit on 039 684 0356/7 or email Samkelisiwe.ngwabe@rnm.gov.za during office hours.