The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality encourages emerging contractors to register on municipal sub-contracting database.

The municipality has introduced a policy where a well-established contractor who receives a tender of more than R2.5 million has to subcontract to Emerging Contractors who are on the Municipal Database of Emerging Contractors. This new policy is in line with the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Regulation of 2017 meant to give opportunity for growth to emerging businesses.

With the introduction of the Database System of Contractors of Grade 1 to Grade 4, the municipality will see these emerging contactors benefiting from the awarded tenders. The municipality vowed to monitor the implementation of this process through a mechanism of having a Joint-Task Team which consists of internal and external stakeholders such as the Business Forum and other relevant sectors in order to monitor that the Emerging Contractors on the database are really benefiting from big tenders.

The municipality has advertised a municipal notice calling for all Emerging Contractors to register in this database so that they can benefit even in works meant for contractors which are on Grade 5 and above.