At the Council meeting held today, the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality endorsed the consent for automatic deduction of monies for rates and other municipal services owed by Councillors and staff more than three (3) months with effect from January 2020.

The endorsement of this consent serves as a pledge to the campaign of encouraging the community of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality to pay for rates and municipal services. Further to this, it has been realised that Councillors and employees cannot drive this campaign while they owe the municipality themselves.

The municipality intends to do automatic deductions from both Councillors and staff with effect from January 2020 to strengthen the campaign of leading by example. In addition to this, the Committee on Revenue Enhancement and Debt collection is currently developing a campaign on the payment of rates and other municipal services.

The Council’s approval is also triggered by Schedule 2 (10) of the Code of Conduct of municipal staff members on Payment of Arrears in the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 177 of 1998, which prescribes that a staff member of a municipality may not be in arrears to the municipality for rates and service charges for a period longer than 3 months and a municipality may deduct any outstanding amounts from a staff member's salary after this period”. This section empowers the municipality to deduct money owed by an employee as stated in the section 34 (1) (b) of the Labour Relations Act.

At the Council meeting it was also emphasised that Councillors and staff cannot act against the campaign of encouraging ratepayers to pay on time and every time for municipal services. The immediate payments will go a long way to recover the R260 million the municipality is owed for rates and other municipal services.

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Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
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