Council adopted a process plan to implement smart prepaid metering in its electricity area of supply.

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has ± 3000 electricity consumers in its area of supply and are all on conventional metering. The conducted meter audit has revealed that the current conventional meters are old, obsolete, out of calibration, faulty, prone to illegal tampering and connections. Other challenges identified include, estimated meter readings, unregistered meters and high disconnection rate due to non-payment and this has resulted on revenue loss for the municipality.

Council adopted a plan which includes the following:

  • Develop new prepaid electricity tariffs of charges
  • Submit NERSA application of new prepaid electricity tariffs
  • Conduct comparisons of municipal hosted vs outsourced prepaid vending system Determine total project costs and budget required for procurement of hardware, software applications & licences, operational costs; and costs implications
  • Conduct benchmarking with other municipalities of same category
  • Develop information and awareness campaigns to convert electricity consumer to prepaid metering system
  • Project implementation to consumers to smart prepaid; including procurement and installation of prepaid vending and metering systems

Council is convinced that implementation of this smart metering system will definitely benefit both the municipality and the consumer

For more information contact:
Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
+27 72 057 5387
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