The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality will be assisting Young Entrepreneurs through a program known as the RNM Youth Funding Assistance Programme which targets mainly youth-owned profit making companies under the Annual Funding for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

This annual fund is meant to assist young social and energetic entrepreneurs with funding for their business in order to prosper, grow and be sustainable. Furthermore this fund sought to ensure that young entrepreneurs can be future employers. 

The process to access this funding is publicly advertised and requires the applicant to be a below 35 years, a South Africa Citizen and be a resident of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality. In addition the organisation must be a registered company and have a viable business idea.
The municipality allocated an amount of R400 000.00 for this programme, within the financial year 2018/19 and is looking at allocating more funds in the upcoming years in order to ensure more young people benefit. With this program the municipality is of the view that young entrepreneurs will be able to grow, be sustainable and will be able to create job opportunities in their communities.