The meeting between Ray Nkonyeni Municipality (RNM) Management led by Municipal Manager Mr Max Mbili and KwaZulu Natal Residents and Ratepayers Association (KZNSCRRA) led by Professor Olliver Ransome reaffirmed their commitment to work together.

This meeting followed series of events after Ratepayers announced a possibility of rates ”go slow“ in November 2019. The meeting between the two organisations held towards the end of November 2019 resolved to give RNM two months, which are January and February 2020 to improve its performance and meet in March 2020 to assess whether RNM had improved its performance or take a discussion by both on payment of rates and other Municipal services.

There were intensive engagements between the two organisations over the last two months and some service delivery improvement had happened. The meeting held on Friday the 06th of March 2020 resolved as follows:

  1. Rates “go slow” is off the table as Ratepayers do see the commitment and improved service delivery by RNM;
  2. RNM made a commitment to continuously improve and provide quality services;
  3. RNM Management to hold monthly meetings with Ratepayers Associations to monitor delivery of quality services continuously;
  4. The action plan submitted by RNM will be closely monitored by the Associations and that immediate action must be taken at these monthly meetings with issues not dealt with satisfactorily.
  5. Ratepayers’ Association Chairpersons may individually see their way clear to partner with RNM in encouraging ratepayers to pay for rates and other Municipal services in support of Masakhane campaign;
  6. RNM to partner with various ratepayers associations in pursuance of quality services delivery;
  7. RNM to expedite the implementation of its partnership with private security companies in order to stop littering and illegal dumping as well as unnecessary noise especially during the season;

The commitment of working together is informed by the following understanding:

  1. Local Government is everyone’s business;
  2. The sustainability of RNM will be of benefit to the residents of the Municipality;
  3. Payment of rates and other Municipal services and provision of quality services has got chicken and egg relationship.

Ratepayers will pay for rates and other Municipal services while the Municipality commits to provide quality service. END

Jointly released by RNM and KZNRRA