It would be a serious omission if the article by South Coast Herald dated 14 September 2018 painting Margate Town as being the “Burglary Capital of the Province goes without being challenged.

Crime is certainly a cancer that is eroding our lives, the economy and society. Your media’s dedicated focus and reporting on issues related to crime is indeed appreciated. However, having read your recent report on Margate - several times – it seems unavoidable to challenge this piece of sensational and outrageous report. This report lacks credibility, objectivity or circumspection and is intent on damaging the economic activities of a town and indeed the life and blood of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality.

Whilst it is welcomed that this narrative is based on official statistics, it is however worth mentioning that it should have been considered that these statistics were dated and were not specifically referring to Margate Town per se, but other areas outside of Margate Town. The article is therefore quoting the statistics out of context and is in no way assisting the very same tourism our municipality and Margate in particular relies on. To the South Coast Herald, as a local media, the expectation would be for it to report accurately and also assisting in growing the local economy instead of defeating the efforts aimed at uplifting the local society.

It is further worth mentioning that the report, perhaps deliberately, omits making mention of the sterling efforts made by Margate SAPS, Ray Nkonyeni Municipality Law Enforcement Department, Margate Business Association, Margate Tourism Area Committee, Ratepayers and other interest groups in making the Margate the safe place to be visited. Their outstanding collective effectiveness in reducing crime has made them the envy of other towns within the RNM as should such corporate efforts be replicated, we would certainly be back to our glory days of being one of the safest municipalities in the country.

Let us celebrate the exceptional work that is being done in Margate and encourage other towns to do the same. Whilst we appreciate and respect media’s independence and factual reporting, it should be emphasised that negative inaccurate reporting and giving our towns derogatory names is not only killing them but also destroy every effort to grow local economy and is therefore regarded as reckless.

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