At the Special Council meeting held earlier today 29 March 2019, Council unanimously approved the municipality’s 2019/2020 Draft Budget tabled by Her Worship, Mayor Cllr Nomusa Mqwebu.

When tabling the Draft Budget, Her Worship Mayor Cllr Nomusa Mqwebu highlighted that our Country, South Africa, remains in an economically weak position, largely due to factors beyond the control of government. She cautioned that these economic challenges make it impossible for National and Provincial Government to allocate adequate resources and according to the needs of different communities. The Mayor also highlighted the economic challenges exert pressure on revenue generation and collection levels, hence the municipality adopted a conservative approach when doing revenue projections. She further encouraged Council to limit expenditure on non-priority items and unfunded mandates.

The approved Draft Budget consists the Operating Income Budget of R1 087 364. 00 which will be coming from sources like Equitable Share, Housing Grant, Rates Revenue and Service Charges. The draft budget also had a Capital Income Budget of R130 094 204. 00 which will be sourced from different grants and also internally funded. The total Income Budget approved is R1 170 159 000. 00 whilst approved Expenditure Budget stood at R1 169 010 204. 00 which gives a Surplus of R1 148 796. 00. The Mayor indicated that the fact that the tabled budget has a surplus indicates good planning in order to ensure that the municipality has is in a viable financial status.

Concluding her presentation the Mayor, pleaded with all parties to put aside political differences and focus on improving the lives of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality citizens. She also concluded by indicating that the approved Draft Budget will be made public, for comments and further consultation with the communities through Mayoral IDP and Budget Roadshows which will be starting on 08 April and finishing on 26 April 2019.
The unanimously agreed upon detailed Draft Budget is accessible in the municipal website