Earlier today Council considered budget performance for the period between July and December 2019

Section 72 of the Municipal Financial Management Act requires the municipality to assess its performance for the mid-year term, which is the period from 01 July to 31 December. This is an opportunity for the municipal council to consider the high level report on its performance in regards to the approved budget. The assessment looks at both revenue collection and expenditure patterns to enable the municipality to check whether a need exist for Budget Adjustment.

In terms of the high level report, it indicates that in terms of total revenue budget as at the end of December 2019 the municipality is still within the budgetary limits with regards to revenue. In regards to expenditure, the overall expenditure is below the anticipated levels which is in line with the municipality’s attempt to cut costs. These reports show that the Municipality is performing fairly well, which is a positive sign.

The report will now be submitted to both National and Provincial Treasury and will also assist the municipality to take right decisions in regards to budget adjustment.

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